Whey Protein VS Natural Protein

So when you’re at the gym they temp you into one of their amazing protein shakes, they taste good however are they really as good as natural protein. In the post we’re going to weigh up the pros and cons of each protein:

Whey Protein:


  • Allows you to consume an adequate amount to build muscle, as it meets the needs to increase your metabolism that increases muscle mass.
  • They are very convenient and on demand allowing to consume it almost anywhere and anytime.
  • More readily absorbed compared to natural proteins such as chicken and beef.


  • Whey is derived from milk. This therefore means stomach cramps and bloating for anyone sensitive to lactose.
  • It is processed which means other macros are drained from the mixture.

Natural Protein:


  • They contain all macros and allow you to take in multiple macros at once.
  • Keeps you full which curbs cravings and prevents snaking whilst dieting.
  • Produce amino acids which trigger your muscle building metabolisms.


  • They are not very convenient and require preparation and are not on demand.
  • Require a strong appetite to consume an adequate protein for building muscle.
  • Hard to reach fitness goals whilst trying to build muscle on a diet.

Weighing up the pros and cons of both Natural and Whey protein we have come to a conclusion. If your goals are to build muscle and you’re dieting then you should consume whey protein. However if you’re lactose sensitive or are just looking for a more natural choice then natural protein is the best one for you.

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