Overtraining Explained

A majority of people think that the more you train the fitter you get, this is correct to a certain degree, however when you train too much overtraining comes into play causing injury which can reverse all of your hard work due to a long recovery period.

Plan session before starting them

Plan out the routine that you will complete during your training session to ensure that you do not over train, this is a common mistake amongst beginners and experienced fitness fanatics. If you do not plan your session, you can overtrain certain muscle group due to repetitive exercises without rest, potentially leading to injury. Also you can train for too long if you are not prepared.

Take breaks

When you workout aerobically (with oxygen) your body intakes oxygen and when oxygen debt occurs after long periods of training, your body starts to respire anaerobically (without oxygen) causing lactic acid to build up, if you do not take a break and recover you can cause injury due to your lack of stamina (if you are training this component specifically then do not train for too long). By taking a break you allow your body to recover, this also helps your body to perform better and reach goals quicker.

Heavy weights

When lifting heavy or moderate weights you should be extra careful as lifting weight that are heavy for too long can lead to ripped muscles, nerve damage, fractures or dislocations, ect. To avoid this start off lifting moderate weights and build you way up, adding 5-10kg after each set, this therefore reduces the chances of overtraining and reduces the chance or injury. (ensure that you do not lift the heaviest weight when you get into the gym as this can lead to serious injury)

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