Benefits of Morning Exercise

Everyone dreads them early mornings, getting up for work or school, let alone getting up to exercise. I know what your thinking you must be mad to get up at 5:30 am to exercise! However it actually has some surprising health and productivity benefits, I will explain these below:

Your fresh and ready to go!

The first benefit of training early in the morning is that you are fresh and you have just had a revitalising sleep. morning-person-mental-tips_0Exercising at this time in the morning will wake you up for the hard day ahead. So get out of bed and start exercising.

They enhance your metabolisms!

Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption is a big term used in the fitness industry. This basically means that your body burns more calories after your workout, even if your sitting at a desk or driving your car, therefore boosting the overall efficiency of you workout.

A study showed that participants burnt an extra 190 calories in the 14 hours after exercise when compared to those who didn’t exercise at all. This should work perfectly with your exercise or healthy lifestyle routine, as you can get up out of bed and get moving right away and then start eating whilst still burning the calories you are intaking.


Exercising in the mornings makes it easier to maintain consistency as there are minimal things and distractions that may disrupt your workout. Also at the end of a long day you may feel very tired therefore putting you off exercising a breaking your consistency.


Other things can interrupting your day can eliminate your chances of staying consistent.

Helps to develop strong self discipline

Waking up early in the morning enhances self discipline. Just like any habit it doesn’t just come overnight, it takes time and as you develop the discipline to get up and exercise it only gets easier as the time goes on.

More importantly this discipline may spread to other areas of your life, also if you’re going to such lengths to get up early in the mornings to exercise, it only makes sense to incorporate healthy eating into the routine.

Allows you to reach your fitness goals faster

Working out early in the morning requires sacrificing sleep (one thing no one wants to do), therefore prompting you to work harder to get the most out of the workout, look for other ways to support your exercise results, and help you commit to the process over a longer period of time.


Try this out for 1 week and i can promise you that you’ll see results.

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